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My Davidson: “Silver”

Steve C.

I have had a great year with my Davidson: “Silver”, I call her! She is one smooth ride, and we have been all about the Northwest together since I picked her up last May. Two highlights. First, riding RSVP with my brothers Pete and Tim last August — hottest days of the year, but a fabulous trek, followed by several days (and rides) in and around Vancouver. Second, a loop around Bend Oregon that included an exquisite climb up to the base of Mt. Bachelor — green, blue, and sunny perfection! Ride on, and many thanks! Special kudos to Bill who wisely talked me into that third chainring: haven’t used it often, but I sure smiled broadly when I downshifted about ten miles into that climb up Bachelor!

All the best to the crew at Davidson,

Steve C.

My Davidson: “The Most Comfortable Bike”

Philip S.

The trip to Arizona was shortly after I picked up my new bike in the fall. I go there a lot to ride when the weather is not so good here in Seattle. My best friend Chris lives west of town in the Tucson Mountains so we often cross over Gates Pass and ride on the rolling hills and flats out there. One of our favorite rides is to go all the way out to Silver Bell Mine well west of town.
The new bike performed wonderfully. Packing and unpacking was easy and fast but needs to be done carefully to avoid scratches. The ride and handling were outstanding. And without a doubt, this is the most comfortable bike I’ve ever been on. To me, it feels like my effort is not wasted on frame flex but gets directly into the drives train and onto the road. I was able to ride longer with more comfort than ever before.

Philip S.

Riding up to the Haleakala Crater



The bikes were amazing.  We successfully rode up to the Haleakala Crater and we also rode the West Maui loop. It was fantastic!


A Letter from Kwaj

Bikeathon Amber Bates2 (2)

Hi Bill,

You helped me retrofit my Davidson Impulse a while ago and I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that it’s still rolling.  I did two rides on it recently- a triathalon (42K in 90 minutes) a…nd a bike-a-thon (52 miles in about 3 hours)- and the bike handled perfectly.  I attached some pictures for you.

Thanks again for all your help!

A.B. Kwaj

My Davidson is lively!


Palisades is at the 7925  level of Mt Lemmon, Az.

My Davidson is lively, it fits perfectly and I haven’t ridden my prior bike since I brought this bike home.  It climbs great and descends s…olidly.

I love the bike.

Sue M.

Our Story

From humble beginnings making a few frames for local racers in 1973, Bill Davidson’s reputation for top quality handmade bicycles has spread worldwide. With international competitors and world tourists riding Davidson, it’s easy to see why. A Davidson is a pure custom bicycle, designed from the ground up not only for your measurements and intended purpose, but for your riding style and personal sense of aesthetics. Check out our full line-up and find the bike that best suits your needs, then fill in the order form on our website and e-mail it to us. We’ll send you a complete quote right away.

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