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Davidson in San Antonio


I’ve been riding the bike locally in San Antonio and in the Hill country. The fit is perfect and I can spend extended time on it without discomfort. The handling is superb and bike climbs beautifully. The S&S couplers are amazing as the bike feels like a regular bike. The finish and construction of the bike is top notch and no one is giving the customer a better value on an S&S coupled titanium frame than you guys. Won’t be needing another custom road bike now that I have this great travel bike from Davidson (well, maybe one more… a titanium Davidson set up for electronic shifting). Looking at riding it sometime in the city the frame was born in. I’ll hopefully be there within the next 12 months.

Edwin S.


Our Story

From humble beginnings making a few frames for local racers in 1973, Bill Davidson’s reputation for top quality handmade bicycles has spread worldwide. With international competitors and world tourists riding Davidson, it’s easy to see why. A Davidson is a pure custom bicycle, designed from the ground up not only for your measurements and intended purpose, but for your riding style and personal sense of aesthetics. Check out our full line-up and find the bike that best suits your needs, then fill in the order form on our website and e-mail it to us. We’ll send you a complete quote right away.

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