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Sweet Ride

All around it’s a sweet ride that has exceeded my expectations… Dear Bob, I’m writing on a couple of topics but would like to begin with how much I like my new, custom Davidson Ti bike. It’s hard to know where to begin. The fit is excellent and would have been difficult to match with an off-the-rack frame. The bike is comfortable, responsive and lively. It’s a good climber with no discernible (to me) bottom bracket or other flex during full-power, out-of-the-saddle climbs or sprints, the handling is precise and predictable and has made me a more confident descender. the nearly 4 pounds weight reduction from my Impulse is nice and noticeable and, I think, adds to the perception of liveliness. I took 17 minutes off my best RAMROD time, and the new bke certainly deserves some of the credit. Aesthetically, it has an elegant, understated look, especially with its polished decals and stays, which, in my opinion, surpasses the appearance of most if not all of its competition. All around it’s a sweet ride that has exceeded my expectations. Finally, you, Bill, and Rob made the buying experience a pleasure.
Thanks for all your help.
– Hank

Our Story

From humble beginnings making a few frames for local racers in 1973, Bill Davidson’s reputation for top quality handmade bicycles has spread worldwide. With international competitors and world tourists riding Davidson, it’s easy to see why. A Davidson is a pure custom bicycle, designed from the ground up not only for your measurements and intended purpose, but for your riding style and personal sense of aesthetics. Check out our full line-up and find the bike that best suits your needs, then fill in the order form on our website and e-mail it to us. We’ll send you a complete quote right away.

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