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Yearly Archives: 2012

A riding bike for the next few years

“Dad, what makes this bike ride the way it does?” my daughter asked after riding my new Davidson bicycle fifteen miles on the Marine Drive Trail along the Columbia River. “It smooths out the rough patches on the road.” I … Continue reading

Davidson in France

Hi Bill, The bike worked out great and we had a super time.  Here she is being blessed by a saint at a chateau in the Vercors. Dave F.  

My Davidson Tandem: “A beautiful machine”

Bob, It works! After a very tough group ride on Saturday, I finally had a chance to ride the tandem with Niki on Sunday morning. After a few minutes to get accustomed to a different groupo, and  a couple of … Continue reading

Red Canyon trip

Hi, Bill I am using David’s iPhone to send you this picture of us in Red Canyon. My bike performed beautifully! I can’t believe the difference the gearing makes. One day we climbed for 30 miles to 10,200 feet to Cedar … Continue reading

Rediscovered Davidson

Roman Ruiz wrote to tell us … bought my Davidson “Impulse” frame back in 1987. It had been a racer, a trainer, and a weekend bike. I gave the frame to a friend who promptly used it for the same … Continue reading

Butted Ti

Size: 54cm Original Price: $6,561.97 Sale Price: $5,499.99

Seven Frame

Hey Bill, Just wanted to shoot you an email and say thanks for such a great job you did on the coupling and painting of my seven frame!! Super stoked. We built it up with SRAM Red and it’s 16 pounds … Continue reading

SOLD: 650c Titanium Boxxer

Size: 48cm Original Price: $ 5,757.81 Sale Price: $ 4,999.99 See more pictures on our Flickr page

Lugged Steel Touring Bike

  Size: 57cm Original Price: $ 6,255.41 Sale Price: $ 4,699.99 See more pictures on our Flickr page

Sturmey Archer S3X

    Size: 54cm Original Price: $ 4,532.78 Sale Price: $ 3,999.99 See more pictures on our Flickr page